7IDP Control Ankle /M

Kod towaru: 7500-05-530
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Opis towaru

Adding a layer of protection to an area prone to bruising from chainrings and crashes the Control Ankle Protector keeps ankle bones covered to avoid injury. Once you?ve used them ? you?ll never want to ride without them.. simple but so, so good! LIGHTWEIGHT Built from super light foams and mesh the Control Ankle Protector covers the whole ankle to prevent injury from pedal strikes and slips towards chainrings. BREATHABLE MESH 4-way stretch mesh panel at the front allows free ankle movement with the side sections benefitting from two densities of foam protection. STIRRUP STRAP Slim elasticated stirrup strap keeps the support in place, thin enough to go unnoticed. - Sizes: S/M, L/XL - Colour: black-blue

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