7IDP Flex Knee XL

Kod towaru: 7005-05-545
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Opis towaru

Our Flex Knee pads cover the needs of a wide range of trail riders looking for a soft pad internally but a hard shell externally when the impacts come their way. Abrasion-resistant material covers the front and sides to give a full-on protection package. DOUBLE PROTECTION Two layers of protection covered by a tough outer fabric make for a flexible and hardwearing pad. Shaped to fit the knee in a riding position: you will forget the pads are there. CENTRE + UPPER CALF STRAP Our centre strap system means even pressure around the lower thigh and a second strap sitting above the calf muscle means everything stays where it should. OPEN BACK DESIGN Maintaining airflow and reducing any sweat build-up is a key feature for kneepads. The Flex pads have an open back section to allow sweat to evaporate away. - Textile composite: Neoprene 30%, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 27%, Polyester 15%, Polypropylene 13%, Polyamide 8%, Spandex 3%, Silicon 2%, Rubber 2% - Sizes: S, M, L, XL - Colour: black-blue

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