7IDP Flex Short L

Kod towaru: 7200-05-540
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Opis towaru

The Flex Shorts offer protection on the hips, cocyx and thighs. Areas prone to injury or re-injury can now be protected with a compression fit short that flexes to the body?s shape in all types of riding. ALL DAY COMFORT The polygon foam layout for the padded sections has been developed to flex more efficiently with hip and leg movements whilst maintaining impact absorption. INTEGRATED CHAMOIS PAD To avoid another layer the Flex Shorts have an integrated dual density chamois pad to maintain comfort and relieve pressure for full days in the saddle. HIP, THIGH AND COCYX Covering the parts of the body prone to hits the Flex Short is designed to reduce the severity of crashes on these areas. Hip and coccyx protection is intended to allow riders who have had previous injuries to ride with confidence. - Sizes: S,M,L,XL - Colour: schwarz-blau

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