7IDP Knee Pad Flex Adult/Youth M

Kod towaru: 7104-05-530
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Opis towaru

The Flex elbow / youth knee pads are for any rider needing complete coverage with confidence inspiring protection. Constructed in the same way our adult Flex Knee pads with an open back and dual layer protection the Flex has you covered. DUAL PURPOSE HARDSHELL PROTECTION The Flex Elbow also doubles as a youth Knee ? an accident that happened whilst at Interbike when a number of customers tried on our Youth Flex knee ? believing it to be an elbow pad! They all loved it ? so we elected to test it ourselves, refine it and to offer a full-size range as both an adult Elbow and Youth Knee. CENTRE + FOREARM STRAP Our centre strap applies tension from both sides giving a comfortable and consistent fit on the upper arm / lower thigh and a second strap sitting above the forearm/calf muscle means everything stays where it should. OPEN BACK DESIGN Maintaining airflow and reducing any sweat build-up is a key feature for pads. The Flex pads have an open back section to allow sweat to evaporate away. CAP + FOAM PROTECTION Two layers of protection covered by a tough outer fabric make for a flexible and hardwearing pad. Shaped to fit in a riding position. You will forget the pads are there. - Größen: S,M,L,XL - Farbe: black-blue

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