7IDP Project Lite Knee S

Kod towaru: 7012-05-520
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The Project Lite knee pads are for racers and riders looking for extra-lightweight, hard-shell protection. Our innovative compression fit knit sock and flexible hard shell give the Project Lite knee just the right amount of protection and secure fit. UNIQUE PRO KNIT CHASSIS A trail riding/minimal version of the Eurobike Award Winning Project Knee. Super thin ? ideal for riders looking for trail ride protection or minimal weight/bulk for racing, our protection pad is just 6 mm thick. Combine this with our Pro Knit compression fit knee sock and you can start to understand why the Project series is the most advanced knee pad series on the market. PEDAL FLEX MOBILITY Speed is the priority for racing, to gain that speed, efficient pedalling is key. The Project Lite knee uses a knitted, breathable sock to keep the rider cool and add to the comfort of a compression fit pad. FLEXIBLE HARD CAP A hard yet flexible microinjected outer cap provides the best fit while dispersing forces in a crash. Designed to slide over rather than grip any surface a rider meets at flat out race speeds. - Textil composite: Polyamide 35%, Polyester 25%, Polyurethane 15%, Spandex 10%, Polyvinyl Chloride 8%, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 5%, Silicon 3%, Rubber 2% - Sizes: S,M,L,XL - Colour: grey-blue

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